Claudia Pelzer

Claudia Pelzer

Claudia Pelzer

Claudia has an international MBA, lives and works in Cologne as a media consultant, author and blogger. She is the Founder of, an information hub that deals with the various facets, currents and outward signs of crowdsourcing.

Articles by Claudia Pelzer

Why Crowdsource?

With the advent of new communication technologies and networks on the Web 2.0, traditional work processes seem to be becoming increasingly obsolete. Crowdsourcing is one of the hottest trends in the actual business world and represents the new way of working: The working models of the future are no longer devised in the upper echelons of big business. They often occur among the very young in non-traditional settings. And sometimes putting this bit of “here” and “there” together leads to the same ideas.

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