The Essential List of Crowd Economy Leaders & Influencers: The #Crowd411

Written by Sean Moffitt

Mar 12, 2015


Meet the most influential thinkers, doers and practitioners in the crowd economy, all in one exhaustive list.

As promised last week, we are unveiling the exhaustive list of crowd economy influencers. We’re calling it the #Crowd411, the essential directory of people shaping the current crowd economy.

This has been a painstaking task by our team here (initially, we actually planned on only profiling 150 people but there are just too many amazing people!). Hopefully the absurd investment of our people hours has provided a list that will give you a valuable list of the brains, champions, executives and practitioners behind the rapid expansion of crowd business and culture, all broken down by company, region, country and Twitter handle. 

Coming from different backgrounds, specialties, industries and regions, these influencers are already making impact across 14 crowd economy sectors globally from crowd finance and P2P lending, to corporate innovation and citizen engagement, and far beyond just Silicon Valley. The #Crowd411 list will soon be sortable by speciality or expertise.

We have chewed on their work, dug into their research, and for quite a few, we have seen their brilliance up close as presenters at our conferences.  Far from a popularity contest measuring fans, followers, or market capitalization, each candidate was objectively selected for their: overall influence, connectedness, dedication to the crowd space, positive collaboration values and breadth/depth of projects. Here are the best of the world’s crowd collective:


Take a look at the complete #CROWD411 List (alphabetical listing)


We’ve also built the #Crowd411 as a handy Twitter List you can subscribe to. This list highlights CSW’s goal to help collectively better understand and map the crowd economy, find new breakthroughs happening at a global level, and further the social and economic impacts of collaboration. We invite everyone interested in the topic to contribute to our 2015 Global Crowdsourcing Survey.

But this is only the beginning. We can’t find every needle in the haystack. There are many valuable contributors out there in this massive crowd forest that ought to be on this list. So the #Crowd411 doesn’t stop here, and this is where you come in!

Crowdsourcing the next #Crowd411

This isn’t a ironclad list, but one that’s meant to grow. Fittingly, you can contribute submissions via the Crowdsourced #Crowd411 form and help this ultimately become a list built collectively by the community. Know someone doing amazing work in this field that needs to be mentioned here? Submit your nominees (please nominate yourself, if applicable) and we will produce a full crowdsourced list in late Spring’15.


Crowdsourcing Week conferences feature many of these top thinkers and CSW Global 2015, the 3rd edition of the largest global meet on the crowd economy, is no different. Join us in Singapore April 20-24th!


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About Author

About Author

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Sean Moffitt lives, breathes and eats the world of winning businesses, leading customer experiences, a full range of digital engagements and top organizational cultures. Viewed as one of North America's leading visionaries when it comes to the intersection of business, brands, new digital media and the customer. Described as the "Reigning King of Word of Mouth" by Marketing Magazine, Sean has expanded his repertoire to include the full range of experiences and talents to build winning and engaged business cultures for 2013 and beyond. Demonstrated expertise and proven results in developing business strategies, brand plans, grassroots/new media marketing, and user experience design. Provocative and insightful media commentator and speaker at now over 80-90 events annually and now critically-acclaimed author of his book manifesto for business "Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace" published by McGraw-Hill. Sean also has a soft spot for causes being engaged in a number of not-for-profits including the successful Movember campaign and host of the Wikigood #wikichat.

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