#1 Risk Mitigation – Understanding and accommodating legal/regulatory hurdles

#2 Stakeholder Orientation – Fear of loss of control to members/customers

#3 Tapping All Benefits – Avoiding organizational adoption issues/silos

#4 New Approaches – Lack of comprehending its differences vs. conventional methods

#5 Overcoming Caution – Helping executives manage real/perceived risk

#6 Resource Expectation – Identifying ideal time for staff to manage resources

#7 Rewards and Benefits – Overcoming management preference for the status quo

#8 Culture Change – Build ability for company culture to accept and thrive

#9 Sustainable Support – Finding enough crowd content quality, quantity and variety

#10 Building Scale – Building plans for subsequent stage growth

Source : CSW 2014 Global Research Survey

A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation


A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation

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How to implement a LONG TERM innovation strategy with predictable costs
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