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Crowdsourcing Week is the annual global conference on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open innovation and the collaborative economy. CSW Global takes place annually in Singapore. Dedicated to connecting innovative people and ideas from across all sectors, Crowdsourcing Week aims to foster a new generation of leaders in ideas, creativity, and collaboration.


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  • I’m attending the Crowdsourcing Week global conference, will you join me? Learn the benefits of crowdsourcing and collaborative business in the age of connectivity:
  • Can your company harness crowds for growth, innovation & productivity? Crowdsourcing Week global conference in Singapore, April 7-11, 2014 will help decision makers tackle business in the new economy.
  • Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore, April 7-11 2014 to educate execs and entrepreneurs the on power and benefits of  the crowdsourcing ecosystem. Learn more:


Of course, you can craft your own, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

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  • #Crowdfunding is changing the way #startups and #biz think about financing. Learn about the future of #crowdfinance #CSWGlobal14


This is the highlights reel from last year’s inagural CSW Global! You can use it to give your audience an idea of what to expect in 2014:


Feel free to tweak the language in a way that matches your voice or save time and use our copy.


Possible subject lines:

SUBJECT: Firstname, how to grow your biz with crowdsourcing…
SUBJECT: Firstname, are your stakeholders engaged with your brand?
SUBJECT: Firstname, you won’t want to miss this crowdsourcing conference…
SUBJECT: Firstname, an innovative conference made just for businesses like yours
SUBJECT: Firstname, will you join me?
SUBJECT: Firstname, do you need an action plan for the new collaborative economy?

Body Copy:


Have you heard about the Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference? It provides a cutting-edge look at how crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and collaborative business are helping companies like yours at every organizational level.

Over 40 of the biggest brands and disruptive companies will be gathering on stage to share the diverse ways they’re tapping into the crowd. Jennifer Gustetic (Program Executive, NASA), Neal Cross (VP, MasterCard), Jeremiah Owyang (Founder, Crowd Companies) and Jay Rogers (Founder & CEO, Local Motors) are just a few speakers who will highlight how crowdsourcing is driving their business, engaging customers, and changing the way we invent, design, and market products and ideas.

Leaders and innovators from over 25 countries worldwide converged in Singapore to attend last year’s Crowdsourcing Week conference, and over 95% of attendees said it was a valuable professional experience! The CSW team led by Epi Ludvik Nekaj is working hard to put on an even more impactful experience this year.

The conference takes place in Singapore the week of Monday, April 7 – Friday, April 11. Full Access Passes ($995) and Day Passes ($400) are an amazing value, and include coffee, breakfast, and lunch. However through March 1st you can get Early Bird tickets for even less.

Other CSW Global activities you can take advantage of:

  • Hands-On Workshop – learn the details of executing a successful crowdfunding campaign from the experts
  • Networking – the conference is designed to provide every possible opportunity to meet, connect, and engage with others
  • Party – the Kickoff gala will bring together a diverse group of experts and influencers to set a festive tone for the week

Are you ready to be engaged, equipped, and educated on the best practices in collaborative business? Secure your ticket today!

See you in April!
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