Adam Elmaghraby

Vice President of Co-Creation Strategy, Launch Forth

Vice President of Co-Creation Strategy

Launch Forth


Adam is a Design Strategist working at the intersection of human centered design and systems thinking. His motivation lies in understanding how to provide new solutions that bridge traditional business practices with cutting solutions, creating simplicity in complex systems. He is currently the Vice President of Co-creation Strategy at Launch Forth, an end to end co-creation innovation consultancy focused on the future of mobility.

Adam has spent time working at Samsung’s Product Innovation Team, The Institute for the Future, and as an independent Innovation Strategist. In each role he has focused on bringing innovation and foresight to life in projects and products. Adam has worked with Allianz, Audi, Bayer, MARS Corporation, Nestle, United States Marine Corps and consulted with numerous startups in the IoT and Food Innovation space. Adam holds an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and two bachelor’s degrees from University of Louisville in Pan-African Studies and Philosophy.




October 26, 2018

Launch Forth: Building Worlds to Proof of Concept

17:35  -  17:55 
Classic Room