Charles Warner

CEO, Innovative Properties Worldwide; Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today

CEO, Innovative Properties Worldwide; Editor-in-Chief, Innovation & Tech Today


Charles Warner is the CEO of Innovative Properties Worldwide, a marketing agency and publishing company based out of Denver, Colorado. Charles is a powerhouse of experience and insight as well as a thoughtful storyteller who is focused on building audience engagement while inspiring and informing.

During his time as a gun team leader in the U.S. Army, Charles learned the importance of communicating effectively. These skills helped him to establish himself as the CEO of Mainstream Media International, producing official championship publications for the NCAA, PGA, NASCAR, and even the Super Bowl and World Series.

Charles’ motivational style and engaging public speaking abilities have culminated in a series of event presentations from media roundtables at CES to various other conferences and black-tie events.

Charles is now Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning publication Innovation & Tech Today. His passion for all things related to science, technology, and sustainability make him a valuable asset to any speaking lineup.  Additionally, his strong credentials in cross-platform branding and marketing communications have helped fuel the growth of Innovative Properties Worldwide and its partners.