Dominik Zynis

Co-Founder, WINGS




Dominik is a co­-founder of WINGS, a community of project backers which evaluates ICOs responsible for over $650M in funding, and Head of Communications at WINGS Stiftung. He was Head of Communications & BizDev at Mastercoin (now Omni) Foundation ­ the 1st project to perform an ICO. Advisor at AdEx, Flixxo, DomRaider, MedicalChain, Symbiosis and AnthemGold. Many years ago he is proud to have been distinguished with top Inside Technology Sales Award for the North America Sales unit at Oracle Corporation. And was co­founder of State Software Inc. the company which discovered, coined and helped popularize the JSON standard.

He holds a BA, Economics and Political Science (minor) from Middlebury College, and was a Industrial Management MSc candidate at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.