The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures

Author: Jeffrey W. Hayzlett | Jim Eber

Editor’s note: It’s not profit over people that will make your business successful―it’s when you combine people and profits that you become A HERO LEADER

Today’s leaders need to engage, connect with, listen to and include their employees and customers in the conversation surrounding the business. The Hero Factor discusses the importance of a strong company culture as the backbone of any successful business. Companies with leadership that dismisses the importance of transparency in today’s world are more likely to be called out for not living up to the mission statements on their websites. Read more


“Jeffrey Hayzlett makes a thoughtful and compelling case for values based leadership. He recognizes that the choice between people and profits is a false one. Jeffrey reminds us that sticking to your values during hard times is when it matters most and, when it comes to building healthy and profitable companies for the long haul, we need more heroes. Take the assessment, read the book, and use the tools to inspire and build the hero that lies within you. A must read for leaders and anyone who aspires to make a difference in the world!”

Recommended by Leo Bottary

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