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We are the global leader and innovation platform for all things crowdsourcing on a mission to Power Breakthroughs Together with our crowdsourcing partners. We provide end-to-end strategy, planning, and execution to take the crowd connection experience to a whole new level of value and meaning – all powered by our decade worth of expertise with The Crowd. Shall we get started?

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Prize Challenges

Build your own community of innovators



Get big things done faster, better and cheaper


Machine Learning & AI

Let the crowd train your machine and humanize AI


Speech Recognition

Make audio more accessible and accurate



Protect your company from cyber threats


Creative Content

Position your brand with user-generated content



Get your brand ready for 10X & be BOLD

Design Your Next Successful Prize Challenge

Design Your Next Successful Prize Challenge

E-BOOK Includes:

- 7 key Step Framework Guide

We have broken the process down to a template of seven key steps to ensure results.

- 7 key step Workbook

We created a workbook template to get actionable steps and a clear overview of your next prize challenge.

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