Trusted by Innovators Worldwide

If I would have to rate CSW and BOLD product delivery from 1 – 10, 10 being the highest, I would rate them 8.5-9 and the reason why it is not a 10 is because I was not able to do much of the follow ups with the leads they have provided. 
Their customer service is unbeatable and is 10+.

Ian N. Storer
Managing Director, Umlaut

A decade of partnership with Crowdsourcing Week enabled us to co-create and organize this unique global innovation program called BOLD Awards. 

Maurizio Rossi
Founder & Co-CEO, H-FARM

We truly enjoy this relationship with the CSW and BOLD. When there is commitment, there is Creativity. Their team has shown us true commitment and creativity. Always showing up and driving results.

Narek Vardanyan
Founder & CEO, TCF – The Crowdfunding Formula

Great professional and committed leadership. We truly enjoy the partnership with CSW and BOLD since 2017.

Rob Israch
GM Europe & CMO, Tipalti

We were completely blown away by their focus to drive results. The CSW team came in three weeks before and truly helped achieve our event objective. They are truly BIG time doers and we are happy to work with them on the long term partnership.

Toan Dinh
CMO, PatSnap

The team at CSW was super focused bringing key decision makers heads of innovations at our London roundtable and we could not have been more happier with the turn out. We just signed up for the Lisbon roundtable this Nov. 2022 and look forward to mapping out the entire 2023 together. Our team immediately felt the chemistry and commitment to excellence from the CSW team. They are truly BOLD.

Luwig Melik
CEO, Planbox