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Upcoming Events


Sept. 16th

5 pm CET – European

Future-Fit: Unlocking Collaboration & Innovation

How can we capture the opportunities of a changing world? Join us as we dive deeper into how collaboration can facilitate innovation to build future-fit organizations.


Sept. 30th

5 pm CET – European

Democratizing Space Frontier: Next Generation of Space Tech & Innovation

Space has never been the limit for technology and innovation. Enormous new possibilities and opportunities for space tech are opening up through open innovation and crowdsourcing.

Venice, Italy

March 25th, 2022

6 pm CET – European

BOLD Awards 3rd Edition – Ceremony @ H-FARM

Crowdsourcing Week & H-FARM came together to organize the most innovative Awards program.  This will be a unique awarding event that combines the power of the crowd and the hard work of individuals. 

Mobile Phones & Tablets

July 30th

5 pm CET – European

Crowdsourcing Cybersecurity  

How can companies, organizations, cities and government agencies identify threats and defend against attacks through crowdsourced cybersecurity? Guest Jay Kaplan, Co-Founder & CEO @ Synack.

A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation


A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation

What to do first (before starting an innovation project)... and how to avoid the common mistakes!
How to implement a LONG TERM innovation strategy with predictable costs
Why you don't need to rely on R&D for innovation initiatives and more...

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