For one week in April, innovators and business leaders from across the world will converge in Singapore to exchange the best ideas and practices related to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Whether crowdsourcing is a term that’s sparked your curiosity or a practice you use every day at work, the program at CSW Global will inspire you with new ideas, insights, and skills to quickly bridge and embrace these new approaches and business models.

The CSW Global programme emhasizes cross-disciplinary learning by presenting perspectives from a wide range of public and private sectors together on a single stage. The format does not involve long and drawn-out presentations. By contrast, the conference comprises a 3-day, 1-track series of over 50 rapid-fire, sessions designed for maximum enjoyment, impact, and learning.

Speaker sessions and panels along with substantial interactive components will encourage dialogue and discussions. Attendees will have plenty of opportunity to network with speakers and other participants during programming breaks.


April 8-10, 2014

8:15am to 9:00am – Registration
9:00am to 12:30pm – Conference Sessions
12:30pm to 2:00pm – Lunch & Networking
2:00pm to 6:30pm – Conference Sessions

Evening networking events to be announced soon.

The Opening Night

Monday, April 07

The week opens with a festive gala where you can forge connections with some of crowdsourcing’s brightest minds, while enjoying tasty beverages and hors d’oeuvres. The event is open to Full Access Pass holders, speakers and special invitees.

The Conference

Tuesday, April 08 – Thursday, April 10

Expect to come away with new ideas, insightful research and fresh knowledge. With a unique focus for each day of sessions, CSW brings together perspectives from a wide range of sectors that will have you thinking in new ways and ripe to take action (at Genexis Theater, Fusionopolis, Singapore)

The Crowdfunding Workshop

Friday, April 11

The interactive crowdfunding workshop is designed to give you direct access to some of the most experienced and renowned names in crowdfunding. Stay to network and pitch your startup and win personal mentoring (atINSEAD Asia Campus)

Transforming Online Communities

Crowdsourcing for consumer engagement takes social media, marketing, and product design to the next level. Learn to engage your crowd through innovative online programs, competitions and co-creation. Speakers and panelists will explore the tools and case studies that innovate with crowds for market intelligence, creative solutions, product design, idea generation and government accountability.

Transforming Efficiency for Social, Environmental and Economic Benefit

Collaborative consumption and the sharing economy signify a shift in the consumer and citizen mindset. How can companies and governments participate? Wednesday will feature the in-and-outs of using crowd-driven solutions to reduce resource consumption and better our citizen services, our cities, the environment, and improve bottom lines.

Transforming Entrepreneurship & Investment through Crowd Finance

The exploding Internet usage coupled with the dominance of mobile has opened many new avenues for business. Creative entrepreneurs want to use this connectivity and technology to hack business as usual. Thursday will focus on new crowd-based business models while highlighting key crowdfunding regulation developments and practices worldwide.

Crowdfunding Workshop for Startups @ INSEAD

Crowd finance has turned the startup funding scene on its head. What is the future of crowdfunding? What happens after a successful campaign? How can entrepreneurs keep the momentum going? What’s the best way to develop and maintain investor relations? This interactive crowdfunding workshop is designed to answer the above questions and provide first time or serial entrepreneurs detailed training and best practices for successful crowdfunding.

Get direct access to the brightest and most experienced minds in crowdfunding, including:

9:00am – Welcome & Introductions- Epi Ludvik Nekaj, CEO of CSW
9:15am – Crowdfunding Workshop – Nick N.M. Yap, CEO of ROCKI / Nick has raised over $1 million on Kickstarter for Omate TrueSmart
10:00am – Crowdfunding Workshop – Nicola Castelnuovo, Co-Founder & Head, Business Development of Crowdonomic Media & Crowdfunding Platform
10:45am – Coffee break + Networking
11:15am – Crowdfunding Workshop- Paul Niederer, CEO of ASSOB / Top 10 Most Influential in Equity Crowdfunding
12:00pm – Interactive Group Session 12:45pm – Lunch +Networking
1:45pm – Elevator pitch + Results


>>Register here for the Crowdfunding Workshop<<

Workshop Takeaways Include
-How a startup can set up a successful crowdfunding campaign
-Why do some projects fly and some tank?
-Main challenges in crowdfunding & how to avoid mistakes
-How do you use crowdsourcing as a valuable resource to rocket boost your project?
-What a startup should know before crowdfunding their equity
-Support you should look for from platforms
Peer-to-peer crowdfunding opportunities and risks involved -The importance of building community
-How to engage your community and where & when should you start

Networking Opportunities
Attendees will have the opportunity to network with investors and industry experts and connect with other innovators during the event, lunch, and coffee breaks.

Pitch Session During Workshop
Ten attendees will be chosen to pitch their startup to a panel of judges. Three winners, selected based on relevance for a go-to-market crowdfunding campaign and degree of innovation of the business idea itself, will receive personal mentoring for their crowdfunding campaign from the experts!

Considering launching a crowdfunding campign? What could be a better way to raise equity? Apply to pitch your startup by emailing [email protected]

About Our Venue & Partner
We’re thrilled to be presenting this workshop in collaboration with INSEAD. The business school for the world, INSEAD is one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools. The INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club is designed as a forum to share entrepreneurial ideas and experiences, develop networking opportunities and provide access to entrepreneurial resources.

Event Details
Venue: INSEAD Auditorium at 1 Ayer Rajah Avenue, Singapore, 138676
Date and time: Friday April 11, 2014
9:00am – 2:00 pm, (coffee, light breakfast and lunch will be provided)
Apply to pitch your startup during the pitch session: email [email protected]

>>Register here for the Crowdfunding Workshop<<


Stay tuned to this space; we will continue to post new sessions & speakers and update the timeline!



Introduction to Transforming Online Communities



Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Crowdsourcing Week

Global Status of Crowdsourcing in 2014 and Beyond

Sean Moffitt, Wikibrands and Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Crowdsourcing Week

Brands Must Join the Collaborative Economy: The Crowd is Becoming a Company

Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Companies


Coffee Break

How to Make Social Media Work For You Through Artistic Collaboration

Arun Mehra, Talenthouse

Tomorrow Begins Today: How Can New Age Media Engage Millennials?

Maria Ressa, Rappler

PANEL Discussion: Does The Crowd Know Better?

Saeyoon Suthichai, Nation Multimedia Group PCL; TAN Roy Kong Weng, The Star; Zaffar Abbas, Dawn; Ernest Luis, ST Online; Moderated by Maria Ressa, Rappler


Lunch + Networking

 Creating Crowd Worthy Campaigns: Four Case Studies of Success

Bryan Kramer, Purematter

The Rise of Crowdsourced Content Creation, Curation & Marketing

Roger Yuen, Clozette

Inspiring India: The Story of Sparking the Rise

Tripti Lochan, VML Qais

Hacking Open Innovation

Azim Pawanchik, Alpha Catalyst


Coffee Break

 What is your Return-on-Crowdsourcing?

Joel Cere, eYeka

Co-creation + Manufacturing in the Digital Age

Jay Rogers, Local Motors

Engaging with The Passive Crowd

Guy White, Catalyx

The Changing Geometry of Business

Sangeet Paul Choudary, Platform Thinking Labs



Introduction to ‘Transforming Efficiency for Social, Economic and Environmental Profit’



Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Crowdsourcing Week

Reinforcing Digital Communications



Mock Pak Lum, StarHub

Crowdsourcing Improves Healthcare Outcomes, Costs and Access



Richard Koffler, Greenwings Biomedical

Generating Healthcare Data for Transformation through Crowds



Adam Chee, binaryHealthCare

Patient Innovation: When Patients Set Out to Help Themselves and End Up Helping Many



Pedro Oliveira, Patient Innovation



Coffee Break

 PANEL Discussion: Innovations in Healthcare



Mock Pak Lum, StarHub; Richard Koffler, Greenwings Biomedical; Pedro Oliveira, Patient Innovation; Adam Chee, binaryHealthCare; Moderated by: Bob Pickard, Huntsworth

Crowdsourcing the Search for MH370 (Via LIVE SKYPE)



Luke Barrington, Tomnod

Cloud and Crowd – Synonyms or Homonyms?

Bernie Trudel, Asia Cloud Computing Association

When Disruptive Innovations Collide: The Power of Crowdsourced Education

David Bebko, CrowdWorks


Lunch + Networking

 Mass Participation: Need of the Hour

Andy Ridley, Earth Hour

Collaborating on the China Dream

Charlie Mathews, JUCCCE

Crowdsourcing Week, A New Age Company

Priti Ambani, Crowdsourcing Week

The Crowd can be a Rocket Scientist: When Challenges Can be a Right Way To Tackle a Government Problem

Jenn Gustetic, NASA


Coffee Break

 Co-Creating with Community in Technology Commercialisation

Tai-Hou Tng, Exploit Technologies

Viability, Verification, Validation: 3V’s of Election Based Crowdsourcing

Nanjira Sambuli, iHub

Crowdsourcing Connectivity



Micha Benoliel, Open Garden

Put the Trust Back in Traveling



Federico Folcia, Roomorama

PANEL Discussion- Sharing Economy Challenges in Mindset, Legal Frameworks and Business Models



Federico Folcia, Roomorama; James Chua, PandaBed; Moderator- Sean Moffitt



Introduction to ‘Transforming Entrepreneurship through Crowd Business Models and Crowd Finance’



Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Crowdsourcing Week

The Global Status of Crowdfunding



Paul Niederer, ASSOB

The Evolution of Crowd Intelligence: How Can Your Brand Tap Into it?



Shelley Kuipers, Chaordix

Crowdfunding for the 21st Century



Lionel Slusny, Loft Solutions



Coffee Break

 Brief History of Digital Money



David Moskowitz, Coin Republic

PANEL Discussion: What to Expect With the Rise of Digital Currency?



Alexis V Nicosia, Seedcoin; James Cox, Ripple; Moderated by David Moskowitz, Coin Republic

Insights from a Homeless Man



Mark Philpott



Lunch + Networking

 PANEL Discussion: Innovation Acceleration



Hugh Mason, JFDI Asia; Shobhit Shukla, AdNear; Antonny Liem, MCM/MPI; Moderated by CHAK Kong Soon, Stream Global Pte Ltd.

Crowdfunding Evolution in Asia



Nicola Castelnuovo, Crowdonomic

Crowdfunding in Real Estate – Potential and Rise in Asia



Getty Goh,

The Birth of New Social Currencies + Special Announcement



Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Crowdsourcing Week



Coffee Break

 Q&A: Revisiting Asia’s Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaign One Year Later



Brendan Goh, Pirate 3D

How To Raise A Million Dollars on Kickstarter



Nick N.M. Yap, ROCKI

A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation


A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation

What to do first (before starting an innovation project)... and how to avoid the common mistakes!
How to implement a LONG TERM innovation strategy with predictable costs
Why you don't need to rely on R&D for innovation initiatives and more...

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