CarAmigo Makes Sharing Economy History

Alex Gaschard

Today marks a breakthrough in the peer-to-peer ridesharing industry in Europe. CarAmigo reports that after a lengthy negotiation with the fiscal authorities, the company has now reached an agreement in the form of a “tax ruling” at a national level that would be favourable to the owners and users of its car sharing platform.

CarAmigo is the first company in the sharing economy to reach a fiscal tax advance agreement with a national authority. Sharing economy and mobility platforms in Europe have been under heavy scrutiny because of the regulatory hurdles that services providers face in terms of legal and fiscal issues. CarAmigo has proactively engaged with authorities in order to provide a more secured and transparent space between emerging business models and incumbent policies at a national level. This new tax benefit ruling can be seen as a path forward in an often grid-locked conversation on innovation versus regulation.

Oct 21, 2015

11:40 - 11:45

Chancellery Auditorium



Alex Gaschard