Smart House, Dumb Home

Sarah Gold

We are moving towards a future of smart everything: watches, thermostats and cars. But who controls the technology? Who writes the code and who owns the data? Sarah Gold shares how we have become props of technology, rather than technology working for us. It’s because the Internet of Things needs redesigning. She reveals the big problem with the Internet of Things, and what we can do about it. What we make has ultimate impact. Sarah says, “We are the individuals who are deciding what rights, powers and capabilities the majority of us have.”

What you will learn:

– Challenges and problems with the Internet of Things
– How to design democratic Internet of Things
– How to empower people with what we design or make
– Why redesign terms and conditions through data licensing
– How people can set the rules on data ownership and engagement

Oct 22, 2015

12:05 - 12:25

Chancellery Auditorium



Sarah Gold