What Can Governments Do to Maximise the Impact of the Digital Revolution?

Alexander De Croo

Is the digital revolution boosting economic growth, job creation and well being – or destroying it? Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo gives us an inside look at Digital Belgium, the “startup within the federal government” charged with ensuring Belgium becomes one of top ecosystems in all of Europe in the digital space. He covers the 5 main domains of Digital Belgium’s action plan, and tackles the tough questions governments worldwide are dealing with today: What should be the role of a government be in the digital economy? Should governments embrace or reject new business models? Are we headed toward a jobless future? Who owns your data? Will there be jobs in the future? Will humans still have an edge against machines?

You will learn:
– Is tech creating more jobs than it has destroyed?
– Government’s single biggest challenge in ensuring their citizens a smooth transition into the digital economy
– What can governments do to maximize the impact of digital revolution on economic growth, job creation, and well-being


Oct 21, 2015

10:40 - 11:00

Chancellery Auditorium


Alexander De Croo