Chuks Ojidoh

Deputy Director, Community Life Project (CLP)

Deputy Director

Community Life Project (CLP)



Chuks Ojidoh is a grassroots mobiliser and community organiser with over twenty years experience in developing innovative strategies for promoting citizens engagement especially at the community level.

He is currently the Deputy Director of Community Life Project (CLP) – one of Nigeria’s leading Civil Society Organisations (CSO) promoting participatory grassroots development, community empowerment and popular participation in governance in Nigeria.

The thrust of CLP’s work is to harness social capital for promoting social inclusion, amplifying the voice of marginalised sub-populationsand also for empowering individuals, families and communities to act as agents of positive social change.

He also heads and Coordinates- ReclaimNaija, a CLP project that is effectively deploying ICT tools in promoting citizen participation in the electoral and governance process. It also pioneered the synergistic use of conventional and new media especially SMS for civic and voter education. The ushahidi platform is widely acclaimed as one of the most successful Ushahidi deployments with an outstanding crowd-sourcing record, which impacted positively on the transparency and credibility of the 2011 and 2015 Elections in Nigeria.