Dr. Kirsten Dunlop

Chief Executive Officer, EIT Climate KIC

Chief Executive Officer

EIT Climate KIC


Dr. Kirsten Dunlop, Chief Executive Officer, EIT Climate KIC

Kirsten Dunlop radiates creative vitality, an energy drawn from a deep well of diverse experience and a passion for what she loves to do — inspire people to embrace a changing world, learn to learn, understand their past and shape their future. Her career spans academia, consulting, banking, insurance, strategy, design, innovation and leadership, across three continents.

Kirsten joined Climate-KIC in February 2017 from an Australian financial services conglomerate, Suncorp, a long-standing partner of Climate-KIC and a member of global climate risk information platform, OASIS.

She is committed to shaping and placing innovation to catalyse profound systemic change, and is honoured to work with Climate-KIC’s world-class network of partners to support climate innovation across Europe and beyond.