Emanuele Musa

CEO, Babele

CEO and Co-Founder



Manu is an author, speaker, trainer, strategic advisor and expert in the field of open and social innovation. He is the co-founder of Babele: the largest online acceleration network for social business modeling and mentorship, which hosts the innovation programs of the United Nations, Google, Bayer, Plug&Play, Berkeley, Stanford university, as well as 200+ innovation ecosystems .

Manu has held over 40 workshops and boot-camps on social lean-startup, impact business modeling and investment proposals, having trained over 600 social entrepreneurs in 15 countries – from Germany to Japan.
He is a speaker at conferences on open & social innovation (from SOCAP to Global Social Business Summit, Crowdsourcing Week, Ouishare Fest, etc.); he is a co-author of the book “Crowdfunding for sustainable entrepreneurship & innovation”; and he is a 2018 YTILI Fellow of the US states department.