Francois Du Preez

Digital Creative Director, Grey Advertising Africa

Digital Creative Director

Grey Advertising Africa

South Africa

Francois runs the digital department for Grey Advertising Africa. He combines a solid understanding of technology and what it’s capable of with a flair for ideas. He not only knows what’s trending but more importantly why. He earned his stripes with a BA honours degree in multimedia from the Vega School of Brand Communication and went on to become a founding member of his own agency, the Firehouse, where he executed digital campaigns for local and international clients including Mutual & Federal, Tiger Brands, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways and UD Nissan. Francois further explored the digital sphere through a new entity, Digitaal, which scrutinised the way digital projects come to life by looking into the ever-expanding world of open source web tools. Francois is a firm believer in keeping things simple. Since joining Grey, he has taken their digital capabilities from strength to strength. “It’s all about keeping it simple even if the back-end isn’t. Digital is always changing. As our devices, needs and users’ capabilities change, we have to proactively adapt. The digital marketing field keeps you on your toes, which is both terrifying and exciting. I love what I do; it will never get old.”


November 22, 2016

Crowdsourcing Media Exposure

17:20  -  17:35 
Chancellery Auditorium