Marco Torregrossa

Managing Director, Euro Freelancers

Managing Director

Euro Freelancers



Marco is the Managing Director at Euro Freelancers, a synergic network of independent EU affairs professionals and investors specialized in sustainability, collaborative innovation, and crowdsourcing solutions. He is also the Secretary General at the European Forum of Independent Professionals, a European association advocating for policy, business and society to become more conducive to the self-employed way of working. Named by PR News the most creative practitioner in EU affairs in 2013 and by the Eurasia Foundation global leader in 2010. Formerly policy officer at the EU Commission and a lawyer by training, he specialized in collaborative self-employment, cooperative entrepreneurship, digital work in the sharing economy and the impacts of flexible labor regulations. Relentlessly building bridges between collaborative consumption and collaborative creation movements as a conduit to nurture skills, work and new forms of wealth. He has over 15 years international experience in strategic communication, trans-national project management (technical assistance), interests representation, advocacy campaigns, funding for innovation and policy advising at pan-European level. Marco is a chair of several advisory boards and facilitator of numerous platforms, contributing to create strategic alliances, advocate policy change and build capacity of community leaders to scale innovations into various markets.


October 21, 2015

PANEL: What Will a Smart Community Look Like?

16:00  -  16:40 
Chancellery Auditorium