Naziha Mestaoui

Artist & Architect, 1 Heart 1 Tree

Artist & Architect

1 Heart 1 Tree


Naziha Mestaoui, artist and architect, lives and works in Paris. Her unique approach merges space, imagery and technological innovations of the digital era to create innovative immersive and sensory experiences.

She is member of the Electronic Shadow duo, founded in 2000, now hailed as pioneers in the art of the digital age, and recognized as inventors of Video Mapping, a technique at the crossroads of spatial and imagistic art. The duo have marked their journey with numerous exhibitions across the globe: MOMA in New York, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Photography in Tokyo, the Contemporary Art Biennale in Sevilla, Sao Paulo’s SESI and Shanghai’s MOCA.

In 2011, she launched a solo artistic career, pursuing the ideas launched by Electronic Shadow and establishing herself as an artist at the cutting-edge of future-realist art. Her travels among aboriginal peoples (the Amazon, India, Oman) prompted a series of projects including One Beat One Tree, based on the plurality of approaches to the Man/Nature relationship. As Philippe Descola states, this makes Western culture an anomaly given its disconnection from its environment.

Today, Mestaoui is recognized as an avant-garde artist who personifies an altruistic vision of art and insists that nature be at the very heart of cultural issues.

During the United Nations Climate Conference COP21, Naziha launched a digital, green and citizen artwork «1 Heart 1 Tree». A powerful and engaging experience offered citizen around the globe to see their name and message appear on the Eiffel Tower with their unique virtual tree, generated by their heartbeat. For every virtual tree a real tree is planted in a reforestation program on all five continents, destined to improve living conditions locally and fight the effects of climate change.


November 24, 2016

Art and Technology Re-connecting with Nature

15:00  -  15:20 
Chancellery Auditorium