Nick NM Yap

Co-Founder & CPO, ROCKI

Founder & CPO



Nick NM Yap is Founder of ROCKI, serial entrepreneur and veteran of two successful Kickstarter projects that have raised over $1 Million for Omate TrueSmart and ROCKI . ROCKI, a wifi music streaming system (hardware + software + ecosystem) that promises to revolutionise home music for everyone, born entirely out of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

With two successful back-to-back crowdfunding campaign raising more than $1.2 million, Nick is dedicated to “paying it forward” by sharing his first-hand crowd experience with everyone. For both crowdfunding campaigns, Nick and his co-founder were completely hands-on, and coordinated a team to push the press relations, interact and support the backers, keeping social media channels alive with cool content and constantly publishing updates. After the Kickstarter had finished, they opened up webshop pre-sales for anyone who had missed the Kickstarter and still wanted to order a product. Their highly successful crowdfunding campaigns included included phases for PR, Product Marketing, Production, Q&A, Product Development, Social Media Strategy, Online Pre-Orders, Product Support, User Experience, and opening E-Commerce and Retail Distribution Channels.

Graduated with a Computer Engineering degree, Nick has a solid foundation in both hardware and software. Using this foundation, he has developed his career in creating products and marketing them, engaging the entire supply chain from product conception to consumer appreciation.


April 15, 2016

Crowdfunding Workshop for Entrepreneurs

10:00  -  13:00 
Central Working Whitechapel