Sean Blagsvedt





Sean Blagsvedt is the CEO of, a mobile-based platform that connects millions of job seekers to better jobs. Sean launched his career working at the White House with Internet Policy Czar–Ira Magaziner. He then went on to spend nine years with Microsoft, owning Messenger Integration, Speech Recognition and Windows Vista’s IM experience. Setting up and helping found Microsoft Research India in 2004 was what brought Sean to India, what kept him here is another story. Sean’s vision for Babajob stemmed from his focus on innovative technology adoption in emerging markets, and Duke University and World Bank research. For his contribution to organising the informal sector in India through Babajob, Sean received the Namma Bengaluru award for Best Foreign Resident in 2014. Along the way Sean met his beautiful wife, Archana Prasad, with whom he shares a wonderful son, Vyom, and the Babajob family dog, Berlin. Sean holds a degree in Computer Science and Public Policy from Brown University.