Victoria Bengtsson

Co-Founder, The Foodprint Lab
Victoria Bengtsson


The Foodprint Lab


Victoria Bengtsson is an urban planner FPR/MSA who is passionated in transforming empty concrete surfaces to living green, edible and beautiful oasis. Victoria has a bachelor degree from the Swedish School of Planning (BTH) and possesses a Master at Luleå University of Technology in Climate Sensitive Planning and Building.

She is the co-founder of The Foodprint Lab Architects and one of the project leaders in the comprehensive cooperation project Grow Gothenburg. GrowGbg is Sweden’s first platform that takes an united effort to enable for people who want to farm or have a garden, by sharing knowledge, produce and land.

She is also the project leader for the international Hackathon for a more regenerative food system and countryside, Vischan 2030.


March 15, 2017

Participatory Urban and Rural Design

15:55  -  16:15 
Luleå Tekniska Universitet