Lobbying for Change: Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society

Author: Alberto Alemanno

Editor’s note: Many democratic societies are experiencing a crisis of faith. Citizens are making clear their frustration with their supposedly representative governments, which instead seem driven by the interests of big business, powerful individuals and wealthy lobby groups.

What can we do about it? How do we fix democracy and get our voices heard?

The answer, argues Alberto Alemanno, is to become change-makers – citizen lobbyists. By using our skills and talents and mobilizing others, we can bring about social and political change. Whoever you are, you’ve got power, and this book will show you how to unleash it. Read more

Alberto gives us here concrete step by step plan how to be lobbyist on our own. Brilliant book and so timely.

Recommended by Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing Week

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