CSW Ambassadors Program

Be a leader of crowd economy expertise in your community

Who are CSW Ambassadors?

CSW Ambassadors are pro-active leaders passionate about growing the impact of collaborative crowd economy in their sectors & communities. Trusted and empowered to foster collaborative spirit in the communities, CSW Ambassadors lead and leverage on the collective expertise and network of CSW to help the communities create crowd value.

Why get involved?

As a recognized CSW Ambassador you will have a strong voice in the future of our community and organisation. You will share feedback about our initiatives, join us on special projects, interact with new members of the community, and spread the word about CSW when possible.

Ambassadors will actively lead and participate in activities such as

  • Nurture the Crowd Ecosystem In Your Region / Sector
    • Create, foster & lead group discussion in local community
    • Welcome, answer questions from and mentor newer members of CSW community
    • Be eyes and ears for local youth ambassadors, speakers, partners, collaborators in your region
  • Knowledge & Network Sharing
    • Communicate & share actively with peers in the CSW Ambassador team
    • Engage with the CSW knowledge base and write articles about your area of expertise in the crowd economy
  • Help Innovate & Lead CSW Initiatives
    • Conduct immersion interviews with community / professional leaders about their role & vision in crowdsourcing
    • Lead crowd expeditions from community to CSW conferences
    • Lead research, operations or projects in your area of interest or expertise


  • Official recognition on CSW Website Ambassadors Page
  • Acknowledgment as a CSW Ambassador at CSW events
  • Access & contribute to CSW knowledge base and network of experts
  • Leadership position in crowd community


  • Each CSW Ambassador term lasts 3 months
  • Performance-based designation to Senior Ambassador to lead & support incoming ambassadors

Would you like to represent your Country?

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