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How Can We Leverage The Power Of The Crowd To Build Tomorrow’s Economy and Find Breakthroughs?

With each day, more technologies enable the practice of crowdsourcing to become more sophisticated and viable. From Airbnb for stays to BlaBlaCar and Careem in transportation, crowdsourcing and sharing economy companies have shifted behaviors in the marketplace for good. We are now in a prime position to lead the change in applying crowd principles to breakthrough opportunities to expand its reach and foster sustainable growth.

Crowdfunding Workshop & Pitch Competition For Startups

Crowd finance has turned the startup funding scene on its head. What is the future of crowdfunding? What happens after a successful campaign? How can entrepreneurs keep the momentum going? What's the best way to develop and maintain investor relations? This...

11 Reasons to Attend Crowdsourcing Week 2014

So we are in the midst of designing and finalizing the content for our 2nd Annual Crowdsourcing Week Global Conference in Singapore, and if I can say so - it is coming along splendidly. If you haven't seen it yet, head over there to see the speakers and the agenda we...