Turning Great Challenges into Massive Opportunities

csw2logo helps organizations and innovators, looking to embed the power of the crowd in their products and services, connect the dots in the global crowd-powered marketplace. Our services are uniquely designed to help businesses, governments, innovators and not-for-profits tackle risk mitigation and stakeholder orientation while creating a culture of openness and innovation. We offer advisory services and serve as a catalyst to help organizations take a holistic look at their operations, engage their stakeholders and create long-term value.


Corporate Innovation Summits are held at your place or a place of your choice. The full Crowdsourcing Week resources of over 100 world class experts are used to construct a customized one-day summit.


Rapid Disruption Workshops are held at your place with your team. Through a structured framework your specially chosen facilitators orient participants towards breakthrough strategies that will prepare organizations for a disruptive future.

One on One

One on One consulting at your place with the team members you choose from over 90 world class experts on the Crowd Economy. Often these sessions follow opportunities uncovered during conferences, summits or workshops.

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Our Core Audience

Crowd movements are shaping the global economy and society, particular with our core four audiences. CSW2 understands that the crowd has enormous value, it’s the core of what we do. So if you are looking to embed the power of the crowd within your organization, let’s help you take charge.

Unlike other traditional vendors and consultancies, we uniquely offer value through access to:

The top global crowd thought leaders & open innovation consultants


An award-winning understanding of what builds crowd-based successes

A pedigree of high-value assignments across a range of client ecosystems

Deep and current specialist knowledge

Effective and deep-rooted partnerships with leading crowd technologies and platforms

A global network of account management resources

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest (or generous, or passionate, or committed, or creative, or well-financed) people work for somebody else.”

Bill Joy

Sun Microsystems

Plugging the Big Gaps

We have researched and validated the 10 biggest impasses that companies, governments, innovators and organizations face when crowdsourcing:

#1 Risk Mitigation – Understanding and accommodating legal/regulatory hurdles #2 Stakeholder Orientation – Fear of loss of control to members/customers #3 Tapping All Benefits – Avoiding organizational adoption issues/silos #4 New Approaches – Lack of comprehending its differences vs. conventional methods #5 Overcoming Caution – Helping executives manage real/perceived risk

#6 Resource Expectation – Identifying ideal time for staff to manage resources #7 Rewards and Benefits – Overcoming management preference for the status quo #8 Culture Change – Build ability for company culture to accept and thrive #9 Sustainable Support – Finding enough crowd content quality, quantity, and variety #10 Building Scale – Building plans for subsequent stage growth

Source: CSW 2014 Global Research Survey

csw2logo Advisory Team

The CSW2 advisory team includes thought leaders and practitioners from around the world who have, over the past three years, developed important frameworks around the Crowd Economy innovation processes. In addition, the team has access to a global network of affiliated platforms and thought leaders.

Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Founder & CEO,
Crowdsourcing Week

Entrepreneurship, Crowd Strategy, Crowdsourcing and Advertising

Etienne Verbist

Etienne Verbist

Partner in Residence, Crowdsourcing Week

Crowdfunding, Management Consulting

Joanne Celens

Joanne Celens

CEO, Synthetron

Corporate Crowdsourcing

To create a custom plan for your organization

Please contact [email protected]