Crowd movements are shaping the global economy and society, particular with our core four audiences.

CSW2 understands that the crowd has enormous value, it’s the core of what we do.

So if you are looking to embed the power of the crowd within your organization, let’s help you take charge. Unlike other traditional vendors and consultancies, we uniquely offer value through access to:
-the best global crowd thought leaders
-leading open innovation consultants
-an award-winning understanding of what builds crowd-based successes
-a global network of account management resources
-a pedigree of high-value assignments across a range of client ecosystems
-the smartest crowd-building processes
-deep and current specialist knowledge orientation
-effective and deep-rooted partnerships with leading crowd technologies and platforms

Bill JoySun Microsystems

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest (or generous, or passionate, or committed, or creative, or well-financed) people work for somebody else.”

A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation


A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Innovation

What to do first (before starting an innovation project)... and how to avoid the common mistakes!
How to implement a LONG TERM innovation strategy with predictable costs
Why you don't need to rely on R&D for innovation initiatives and more...

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