Crowdasset: Crowdfunding For Policymakers

Author: Oliver Gajda, Dan Marom, Tim Wright and Timothy Wright

Editor’s note: Crowdfunding is already transforming the way many entrepreneurs and enterprises around the globe think about community engagement and fundraising for various causes. This book puts forth the belief that policymakers, public servants and various governments, municipalities and regions can significantly benefit from crowdfunding (…) Read more

About the Authors

A former journalist Oliver Gajda has worked with venture capital, microfinance, technology and social entrepreneurship in both commercial and non-profit settings in Europe and the USA. Dan Maron is a thought leader in the FinTech and crowdfunding arenas and co-authored the pioneering book The Crowdfunding Revolution. Tim Wright is Director and Co-founder of twintangibles, a management consultancy that helps organisations create value through accessing (…) Read more

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