Crowdfunding and the Democratization of Finance

by Mark Davis and Bruce Davis

Editor’s note: “Change which gives all humans dignity doesn’t come from words alone, but from institutions that give life to our collective needs and strengths. We can only finance the future we want, if financial systems themselves honour a more equal, democratic and sustainable society. This incredible and timely book shows us how.”

Do you know where your money is? More importantly, do you know what your money is doing? Most of us feel confident that we know what money is. But few of us feel confident in taking responsibility for what our money does. We hand over the power of money to banks and mainstream finance with real, often damaging, consequences for people and planet. A unique collaboration between an academic and a practitioner, this book tells the story of money, from ancient Athens to the Bitcoin revolution, to explain how crowdfunding is the way for people to reclaim the power of their money in pursuit of a fairer and greener society.  

Recommended by Epi Ludvik

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