Crowdfunding Intelligence book

Crowdfunding Intelligence

Author: Chris Buckingham

Editor’s note: Because the crowd is the lifeblood of crowdfunding and this book will serve as your no-nonsense guide to raising investment funds on the Internet.

“Crowdfunding’s time has arrived! Through the power of the Internet, it represents one of the most exhilarating ways to raise investment funds for your dream project. It enables you to get exposure in the public domain and can mean a seal of approval being given to your ideas by the masses. Developed from crowdsourcing – where people get together to generate ideas and solve problems – crowdfunding is an extension of this, only now the crowd add money (funding) to a project. It offers investment solutions to project needs in all sorts of fields, from apps to zoos.” Read more


“My intention was to produce the default go-to text for building a confident crowdfunding campaign. I realised early on there was a need for an independent voice in the market and the best vehicle to get that voice heard was through the publication of a title dedicated to all models of crowdfunding. Perhaps the biggest impact has been the Crowdfunding Planning Page, a unique planning tool that sets out the five areas management need to consider before they launch. It took time to craft Crowdfunding Intelligence but the feedback has been tremendous.” – Chris Buckingham via interview

We’ve heard tons of extraordinary stories, but we must remember that there’s always a story behind the glory. This book provides tips and objective explanations of how investment crowdfunding works and how you can take advantage of today’s available tools for a successful campaign.
Recommended by Maria Krisette Capati

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