Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data Is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Response

Author: Patrick Meier

Editor’s note: You’ll never know how technology, big data and crowdsourcing can save millions of lives if utilized and managed with the right tools and platforms.

“The overflow of information generated during disasters can be as paralyzing to humanitarian response as the lack of information. This flash flood of information―social media, satellite imagery and more―is often referred to as Big Data. Making sense of this data deluge during disasters is proving an impossible challenge for traditional humanitarian organizations, which explains why they’re turning to Digital Humanitarians. Who exactly are these Digital Humanitarians and how do they make sense of Big Data?” Read more


“Digital humanitarians will alter the way you think about what it means to be a humanitarian. Anyone can be a digital humanitarian, absolutely no experience necessary; all you need is a big heart and access to the Internet.”

This book provides real-life experiences and cases on how useful are technology, big data, and crowdsourcing in humanitarian response. Enumerable stories in this book will empower and teach you to become a digital humanitarian in today’s open, connected and crowd-driven economy.

Recommended by Maria Krisette Capati

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