Dirty Maple Flooring Company enters the Digital Age

Author: Doug Collins

Editor’s note: This is your go-to book for innovation and transformation.

“How, exactly, might we build a culture of innovation within our organization?
Dirty Maple is the story of how one company addresses that question. The book features a detailed blueprint, complete with animations, figures, notes, and quizzes, that the reader can apply to their own situation.

Chief innovation officers, leaders of innovation programs, and people who seek transformative change for their organizations will benefit from reading the Dirty Maple story and applying the blueprint to their situations. The book serves as a useful “on-boarding resource” to provide people new to the practice of collaborative innovation.” Read more

Practical insights on how to build a culture of innovation – this book will reinvent your organization; it’s a must-read for anyone who’d like to embrace the new business paradigms.

Recommended by Epi Ludvik Nekaj

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