Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason 

Author: Dave Rubin

Editor’s note:No matter what brought you to this book, I’m guessing you’re trapped in a political purgatory with “tolerant” progressives who are holding you hostage. Perhaps you still cling to a few old-school left-wing principles but deviate from the party line on a few others–which is completely reasonable, yet you spend a lot of time self-censoring for fear of saying something slightly “un-woke” and unleashing the mob.
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Dave Rubin is the creator and host of The Rubin Report, the most-watched talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube. A former progressive turned classical liberal, he speaks to millions all over the world, including touring with Dr. Jordan Peterson, and performs stand-up comedy in cities around the United States. Originally from Long Island, New York, he currently lives in Los Angeles with his husband, David, and their dog, Emma. This is his first book.

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