The Crowd and the Cosmos: Adventures in the Zooniverse

Author: Chris Lintott

Editor’s note: Discovery is no longer strictly the remit of scientists in specialist labs or academics in ivory towers. It’s something we can all take part in. The Crowd and the Cosmos describes how new web-based tools and distributed data are enabling hundreds of thousands of ordinary people to engage in cutting-edge science. (…) Read more

Chris Lintott is a professor of astrophysics at the University of Oxford, where he is also a research fellow at New College. As Principal Investigator of the Zooniverse, he leads a team who run the world’s most successful citizen science projects, allowing more than a million people to discover planets, transcribe ancient papyri, or explore the Serengeti. For this work he has received awards from the Royal Society, American Astronomical Society and Institute of Physics amongst others. A passionate advocate for the public understanding of science, he is best known as co-presenter of the BBC’s long-running Sky at Night program and the author–with Queen guitarist Brian May and Sir Patrick Moore–of two books: Bang!: The Complete History of the Universe (Carlton Books, 2007) and The Cosmic Tourist (Carlton Books, 2012), both available in more than 13 languages.


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