The Spatial Web: How web 3.0 will connect Humans, Machines and AI to Transform the World

by Gabriel René , Dan Mapes, Jay Samit (Foreword)

Editor’s note:

Have you ever wondered what the future holds? Blade Runner, The Matrix, Star Wars, Avatar, Star Trek, Ready Player One, The Avengers, and many other popular films show us futuristic worlds where holograms, robots, smart devices, virtual avatars, digital transactions, and universe-scale teleportation all work together in sync, combining the virtual and the physical with the mechanical and the biological.

It won’t be fiction much longer. The Spatial Web paints the same picture of an inevitable future—in the real world. But more importantly, it teaches you how to prepare for it, and leverage it.Science fiction movies, books, and games have done an excellent job describing a future where the digital and physical worlds merge into one. However, none of these visionary fictional works describe exactly how it will be accomplished. It has inspired many of us to ask the same question—How do we enable fantasy to become…reality?

Recommended by Epi Ludvik

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