Tomorrowland: Our Journey from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Author: Steven Kotler

Editor’s note: The future is here. This book will walk you through the world of science fact.

“New York Times, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, Discover bestselling author Steven Kotler has written extensively about those pivotal moments when science fiction became science fact…and fundamentally reshaped the world. Now he gathers the best of his best, updated and expanded upon, to guide readers on a mind-bending tour of the far frontier, and how these advances are radically transforming our lives. From the ways science and technology are fundamentally altering our bodies and our world (the world’s first bionic soldier, the future of evolution) to those explosive collisions between science and culture (life extension and bioweapons), we’re crossing moral and ethical lines we’ve never faced before.” Read more


“Future technology has always been about pushing limits. Now, unless we’re talking about defying the fundamental laws of physics, then the limits that interest us most are the ones imposed by our biology. And there’s no greater reminder of those limits than age-related decline, the loss of the use of our own limbs, the undeniable signal that the clock called life is winding down. Bionics, of course, marks the beginning of the end for this particular trend.”

Robots, bionics, flying cars, drones, etc. – few years from now, perhaps they will become part of our daily lives. Kotler’s book is an eye-opener of what our future will look like. But are we ready?
Recommended by Epi Ludvik Nekaj

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