We the People of the Crowd

Author: Eugene Ivanov

Ken was a statistician working for a consumer products company and he had a problem. Ken could have tried to find experts to help him solve this problem, but instead, he decided to outsource it to a crowd of total strangers. Two months later, Ken received the perfect solution and the person who found it was…his neighbour.

We the People of the Crowd… by Eugene Ivanov is a book about crowdsourcing, an innovation tool that organisations around the world use to solve their technical and business problems. The author will explain what crowdsourcing is and what it is not. He will tell you success stories illustrating the power of a thoughtfully designed and well-executed crowdsourcing campaign. He will also talk about failures while reflecting on what went wrong.

Written in a conversational format, this book is not a textbook. Rather, it’s a collection of stories derived from the author’s personal experience of working with corporate and nonprofit clients. And yet, by reading this book, you’ll learn enough to run your first crowdsourcing campaign.

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Eugene Ivanov began his career as a molecular biologist working in academia and the biotech industry in Russia, France, and the United States. Between 2003 and 2012, he worked for InnoCentive, one of the world’s first commercial crowdsourcing platforms. Currently an author and innovation consultant, he lives in Framingham, Massachusetts with his wife, dog, and cat. He writes the Innovation Observer blog and can be followed @eivanov101. In his spare time, he ballroom dances with his wife, practices boxing, and watches football (a.k.a. soccer in the United States). Read more

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