CSW Summit Jakarta

bringing crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to center stage in Indonesia

As part of the road to the Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) Global 2015 conference, StartupLokal is hosting CSW Summit Jakarta, an evening bringing crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to center stage in Indonesia.

15 Ways to Crowdsource and Crowdfund for Startups

Epi Ludvik Nekaj, the founder of Crowdsourcing Week, will present:

• The Basics and New Trends in the Crowd Economy
• Stats and Figures + Projections
• Efficiency, Growth, Innovation: How Startups Can Use Crowdsourcing To Compete With the Big Guys
• 5 P’s of the Crowd Economy + Why They Matter To Your Business

Dennis List, Co-Founder of Rocki, will share his experience conducting two extremely successful crowdfunding campaigns:

$1 Million – Kickstarter for Omate Smartwatch
$220,000 – Kickstarter of ROCKI

For both campaigns Dennis and his cofounder were full hands-on, and coordinated a team to push the Press relations, interact and support the backers, keeping Social Media channels alive with cool content and constantly pushing out updates. After the Kickstarter had finished, they opened up webshop pre-sales for anyone who had missed the Kickstarter and still wanted to order a product.

Aspects of their campaigns that will be discussed include PR, Product marketing, Production, Q&A, Product development (software), social media strategy, Webshop pre-order phase, Product support (User Experience), opening e-commerce and retail distribution channels.

Dennis List


18.00-18.45 Registration + Dinner + Networking
18.45-19.00 Opening & StartUpdates by MC
19.00-19.05 Opening by StartupLokal as organizer
19.05-19.15 Welcoming speech by DDB Accelerator as host & sponsor
19.15-19.30 Opening by Epi Ludvik Nekaj
19.30-20.00 Keynote by Dennis List
20.00-20.15 Q & A
20.15-21.00 Workshop & pitching sessions by participants
21.00-21.30 Closing remarks, Photo Session & Networking

LIVE STREAMING : www.ddbaccelerator.com/startuplokal
There will also be startup showcase at the venue.


Telkom Indonesia

Menara Multimedia 6th Floor
Jl. Kebon Sirih Kav. 10-12
Jakarta, Indonesia

Menara Multimedia 6th Floor<br /> Jl. Kebon Sirih Kav. 10-12<br /> Jakarta, Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia

Menara Multimedia 6th Floor
Jl. Kebon Sirih Kav. 10-12
Jakarta, Indonesia

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