CSW Global 2013

CSW Global 2013 marked the inaugural edition of this global annual conference on the crowd economy.


CSW Global 2013 Event Highlights

Crowdsourcing Week (CSW), Singapore 2013 is a global 5-day event focused on how groups of people or “crowds” can make outstanding contributions through a collaborative business model at the enterprise level. This event aims to foster a new generation of leaders in innovation and creativity.

Photo Gallery

Selected Speaker Slides


Michael ThatcherMicrosoft

Michael Thatcher

Ricky KapurGoogle

Ricky Kapur

Maya Bogletalenthouse

Maya Bogle

Ricky Carandang

Ricky Carandang

Jason Sew Hoy99designs

Jason Sew Hoy

Sean MoffittWiki Brands

Sean Moffitt
Wiki Brands

Maria RessaRappler

Maria Ressa

Zhen GohCognitive Edge

Zhen Goh
Cognitive Edge
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