Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age

Author: Nicolas Colin

Editor’s note: For three decades we’ve been living through a paradigm shift. Our world is moving from the fading Fordist age to the ever-strengthening digital age. This shift is as unstoppable as the one that once brought us from railroads and steel mills to Fordist factories. And its impact on our lives is just as radical.

In this context, the lessons from history are clear: Providing economic security for the many generates prosperity for all. But this can only be done with the right safety net supporting both households and businesses against the risks brought about by the digital age. Read more

‘Nicolas Colin provides a compelling account of how the Digital Revolution is overthrowing the social safety that evolved through the 20th century, with political consequences that are all too evident. In his book, Hedge, Colin lays out the requirements for a new, “greater Safety Net” that addresses the disruptive challenges of the digitally transformed economy. Written from the distinctive perspective of an entrepreneur trained in the core of France’s administrative state and deeply knowledgeable of the history of Anglo-American leadership of the innovation economy over the past two centuries, Hedge is required reading for who both drive and experience the impact of the Digital Revolution…and that means everyone!’

Recommended by William H. Janeway

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