Does Innovation Drives Regulatory Policy Making Or Vice Versa?

Joost Vantomme

Joost Vantomme delivers an overview of current policies on mobility and the digital agenda of the automotive industry, and how policies and regulation can help (or hinder) innovation. Does innovation make streamlined policy more complex and less “entrepreneurial” – or vice versa? What kind of legislation and taxation issues will arise with the arrival of fully autonomous cars? Joost will review the debates of tomorrow that the automotive industry will need to face on issues like e-commerce, connectivity, and especially data. Cars of the future will capture a lot of data foremost for convenience and safety, but the possibilities beyond that are endless. What will the future bring?

What you will learn:
– What levels of automated driving will we see in the future?
– Do innovation and regulation play opposing or complimentary roles?
– Overview of the automotive industry debates of tomorrow
– What kind of data can you capture with smart cars and what can you do with it?


Oct 21, 2015

10:20 - 10:40

Chancellery Auditorium



Joost Vantomme