Vuollerim: A Community Sustained by Crowdsourcing and Social Capital

Eva-Lena Skalstad

Vuollerim by the Arctic Circle, is a practical example of crowdsourcing and social village capital. The village Vuollerim has about 800 inhabitants, 60 companies and 40 non-profit associations. Traditionally, the district has embraced entrepreneurship and taking initiative. Vuollerim has been very good at taking advantage of local resources and capabilities that exist in any community, and has done something with all that. The funny thing is that this tradition continues on and on with new exciting projects all the time. The most important thing Vuollerim would like to share with the world, is that any neighborhood, any village, company or municipality can do the same with their own resources.

Nov 23, 2016

17:05 - 17:25

Chancellery Auditorium


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Eva-Lena Skalstad