How Successful Crowdsourcing Depends on asking ‘Interesting Questions’

David Simoes-Brown

Writing Interesting Questions is as much art as as science. Here are some 100%Open has written recently. How can we double the fun of the LEGO play experience? How can I wash my home, myself, or my clothes with a single cup of water? (Unilever) How can we enable all Detroiters to travel more easily, safely and reliably? (Ford) How can we empower investors and their advisers to consider the CO2 impact of their investment decisions? (UBS) How can we help people do good by using their mobile phone in 3 minutes or less? (EE) Our Interesting Question methodology ( ensure that questions are accessible, contagious and as inspiring to the Challenge Holder organisation as they are to the Innovator target group.


Oct 26, 2018

10:10 - 10:30

Classic Room


David Simoes-Brown