The Idea Platform for Cities: What Can We Learn?

Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikon

Why would we ever consider an idea platform for a city? Idea platforms can glean citizen cooperation like never before and integrate idea generation and feedback into policy making. In this talk, You’ll learn how the city of Warsaw reinvented their identity by cocreating it with their citizens using an open platform – and what resulted.

Jan explains the incredible power of diverse thinking – the capacity for having lots of ideas and possible answers to one simple question. While each individual has the capacity for diverse thinking, the capability is greatly diminished over time as we grow up. No matter how big of a city or corporation you are, you can be sure you do not have all the answers within your organization.

You will learn:
– Why and how do we want to engage outsiders in problem solving?
– What’s the biggest challenge of top CEOs and government leaders today

Oct 21, 2015

15:00 - 15:15

Chancellery Auditorium



Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikon