Power from the Crowd

Frank Vermeulen, Nicolas Verstraete

Today in Europe, 20% of all electricity is already generated from renewable energy sources as wind, sun, hydro and solar, mainly decentralized. This number will increase as carbon emissions from the power sector need to disappear over time. In this context, is the uberization of energy possible? The subsidy schemes which pushed the development of renewable energy sources are now decreasing. PV solar does not need any subsidies anymore to be further deployed. This is an opportunity for many citizens and companies who want to create a more sustainable world. Some of them cannot invest directly because they may not have the place to do so (as Is the case in an urban environment) or they may have the means to do so. Others have too much energy and want to sell or give it back to their neighbors. However, they do want to take part in the energy transition but the sector as it is today is quite complex. Traditional business models do not cope with this situation where you have a crowd taking ownership of the energy sources and active citizens who want to support a more human, sustainable energy system. Is there a solution with the current regulation schemes? How could the regulation schemes evolve to make it happen? We will address which solutions are possible and present you ECOYO: a solution to enable crowdsourcing of renewable electricity.

Nov 24, 2016

11:20 - 11:40

Chancellery Auditorium


Frank Vermeulen

Nicolas Verstraete