Technology and Modern Civic Movements: U.S. Drives towards the Engaged City

Pierrick Bouffaron

U.S. insights showing the way from the concept of Smart(er) City to that of Engaged City.

(i) Origins and best practices of the U.S. smart cities; (ii) North American illustrations of the Civic Tech movement and its last upheavals in 2016; (iii) main stakeholders at play (federal and local governments, grassroots organizations, foundations, startups and Bay Area ecosystem) versus new stakeholders (e.g. banks have a lot of data and can be at the epicenter).

The presentation will focus on giving examples of civic and urban experiences in the U.S. and sharing associated thoughts. What can we learn about it as citizens?

Nov 23, 2016

11:50 - 12:05

Chancellery Auditorium


Pierrick Bouffaron