Aarushi Batra

Social Media Head, Robin Hood Army

Social Media Head

Robin Hood Army



Aarushi Batra is currently Executive Director-Business Development of SPM Autocomp Systems Pvt Ltd, which is India’s largest exhaust manifold (automobile engine component) manufacturers. Being an Economics graduate from JMC, Delhi, Aarushi went on to do pursue her dual degree Masters in Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science along with a Masters in International Management from NUS Business School, Singapore. Having completed her masters at 23, she decided to dive right into her family business of iron and sand. As the 2nd generation to a growing business, Aarushi is trying to break the glass ceiling in this otherwise highly male dominated industry. She is also one of the founding members of a volunteer organization- Robin Hood Army which collects and distributes excess food from restaurants to the the less fortunate. The organization has now expanded to 27 cities, 4 countries, 5000+ Robins and served around 600,000 folks. She loves to travel and her passport proves it. She has visited over 40+ cities across India and around the world and yet her penchant for exploring new cities and food doesn’t see an end. In her free time, Aarushi enjoys writing for her lifestyle blog and her half written romantic novel.