Amir Haramaty

CCO of SparkBeyond




Amir is the CCO at SparkBeyond. SparkBeyond has built an automated research engine, capable of asking questions and discovering complex patterns in data. The technology is designed to leverage masses of data that exist on the web, intelligently augment your data and discover complex patterns. These patterns then become powerful tools for explaining, predicting and optimizing outcomes.  SparkBeyond empowers Fortune 500 customers and partners to accelerate breakthroughs and surface discoveries across numerous verticals and practices, doing it deeper and faster while continuously re-writing its own code

Prior to joining SparkBeyond Amir was the COO of Adallom (acquired by Microsoft) and a SVP at Amobee (acquired by SingTel).  In addition Amir served on the Advisory board of Onavo (acquired by Facebook) and currently mentor several disruptive StartUps.